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Hydra 20 Skin Active 100G High Potency 20% Urea Cream Dry Feet Moisturiser
Effectively restores dry, cracked heels with visible results in 3 days
Effectively restores rough, dry and cracked heels in 7 days with visible results in 3 days 
Once the skin is restored, continue to use as necessary to maintain condition
Apply twice daily to clean, towel dried skin. Smooth onto skin and massage in until fully absorbed
20% Urea 
Non-greasy urea based cream with excellent formulation
Effectively rehydrates and softens the skin
UREA 20% is used to soften thick, rough, or dry skin caused by certain skin conditions. Urea 20% is also great for absorption of other medications such as antifungals and steroid creams. Urea 20% is great for regular moisturizing of the feet especially diabetics.
Can you use too much urea cream?
Urea 20% is very safe. However, in some cases, urea may cause mild skin irritation and symptoms like stinging, itching, or burning. It's also possible to have an allergic reaction that causes more severe symptoms. So, the issue is more of an allergy rather than a side effect.
How Long do I moisturize my feet with Urea 20% for?
It is recommended to moisturize your feet daily especially if you suffer from diabetes. However, you should expect to see results after 3-5 days of regular applications.

Heel Balm with 20% Urea

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