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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Referral To Visit FootMed Podiatry?


  • Anyone can make an appointment at FootMed Podiatry.

  • If your treatment is covered by the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC), Department of Veterans’ Affairs or Workcover, then a GP’s referral will be required. 

  • If your Private Health Insurer covers Podiatry services, you may be able to claim something back (give them a call to make sure you're covered).

What Does A Podiatrist Do?

Podiatrists are university qualified experts in foot, ankle and lower limb health. They can help to diagnose, treat and prevent medical and surgical conditions related to the feet and lower limbs.

What Is A General Consultation & Treatment?

General consultations and treatments cover a wide scope of foot problems, including:

Do You Sterilise Your Equipment?

FootMed Podiatry follows NSW Health standards for onsite sterilisation and guarantees sterility of all instruments used for treatments.

Why Do People See Podiatrists?

- Diabetic Foot Assessments/Care
- Sports Related Injuries 

- Knee/Foot Pain

- General Podiatry Care (Corns, Callus, Warts, Inrgown nails)

Podiatrists are university educated to understand the structure and movement of the foot and lower limbs. They diagnose foot conditions, identify systemic overall health conditions that present with foot or lower limb symptoms – and recommend appropriate treatment plans.

Can I Order Shoes From My Podiatrist?

Yes. At FootMed Podiatry, we can order Diabetic and Work friendly shoes for any of our patients. Our Podiatrist will measure your feet length and width and can order footwear specific to your foot type, tailored to your needs. Ask about our range of footwear available. 

What Happens To Feet As They Age?

As time goes by, you can lose cushioning and soft tissue fat in the pads of your heels and balls of your feet, near your toes. 

Bone deformities – such as bunions or arthritis – and difficulties undertaking basic foot care, can lead to foot health issues and sometimes an increased risk of falls – which for many can have drastic consequences.

Nails also become more brittle, thicker and harder, making them difficult to trim and prone to ingrown toenails, fungal breakouts and other infections.

Does My Private Health Fund Cover Podiatry?

Yes. Private health funds cover podiatry services. Rebates will vary according to your level of cover. If you are unsure, please call your private health insurer to find out if you're covered.

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