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At FootMed Podiatry our approach is to provide a complete range of podiatry services to clients of all ages.


Our Services include but not limited to:

  • Diabetic Foot Assessments

  • Gait and Biomechanical Assessments

  • General Foot Care (Corns, Callus, Wart Treatment, Fungal Nails)

  • Orthotics

  • Minor surgery (ingrown nail removals)

  • Footwear Fittings 

We use effective and evidence-based treatment for each of our clients and ensure that the best possible outcome is met with all of our patients.

Whether you suffer from sporting injuries such as plantar fasciitis, heel, ankle or knee pain or. FootMed Podiatry aims to have you back on your feet pain free.

Our approach is to work closely with your doctors and allied health providers to ensure you are receiving a high standard of care.

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