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The Dr Comfort Refresh is a stylish, lightweight womens athletic shoe that provides comfort and helps support those who suffer from painful or sensitive feet. Mesh Upper Arch Stabiliser No-Tie Elastic Lace Protective Toe Box Colours Available  Black, Blue, Berry About Dr Comfort Refresh Perfect for the active woman. The Refresh is a stylish, super-lightweight womens athletic shoe that helps provide superior comfort and support for women who suffer from painful or sensitive feet. Designed with breathable material and a unique arch stabilizer, this athletic shoe provides your feet with extra support and cushion to avoid calluses, blisters, and skin irritation. Whether you need a cross-trainer or everyday casual shoe, the Refresh offers excellent foot protection and all-day comfort. Explore the Features No-Tie Elastic Lace Closure |Easy-to-adjust toggle closure no tying or untying required and seamless design to help prevent skin irritation Mesh Uppers |Breathable material to regulate heat and and keep feet cool and dry Removable Insoles | Footbeds can be removed to accommodate your own orthotics Protective Toe Box | Protective toe box provides extra protection from toe stubbing Long-Lasting Shoe | Use of top-quality materials and construction helps prevent wear and tear and makes for a longer lasting shoe Firm Heel Counter | Provides extra medial and lateral support and stability for day-to-day activities

Dr Comfort Refresh Womens Shoe | Dr Comfort

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