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The Dr Comfort Edward X (Extra Depth) is perfect for severe edema and hammertoes. Its double depth and unique opening tongue opening is perfect for hard to fit individuals.
Double Depth
Padded Tongue
Protective Toe Box
Colours Available � Black
Stretchable and constructed as a slip-on casual shoe, the Dr. Comfort� Edward X is built a _ inch deeper to accommodate extra volume for severe edema, internal braces, and AFOs. With over an inch of hinged contact closures on each side, the Edward X has a unique tongue opening to make it easier to put on and take off. The wide toe box provides plenty of wiggle room while the padded tongue helps to prevent skin irritation. The Edward X is a casual shoe that can be worn at work, around town or to special events.

Dr Comfort Edward X (Extra Depth) Mens Shoes

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