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Dr Comfort�s Breeze is a casual modern sandal/shoe with an open-air design, delivering comfort and cooling to your feet.
Full-Grain Leather
Firm Heel Counter
Protective Toe Box
Adjustable Contact Closure
Colours Available � Black
About Breeze
Step out in style without compromising comfort. Casual and comfortable, the Dr. Comfort� Breeze is a great sandal to add to your wardrobe. The open-air design allows for a cooling airflow while the arch support and padded heel help to deliver optimal foot stabilization and comfort. Crafted in full-grain leather, the Breeze features an adjustable contact closure on top for a more personalized fit. The Breeze is a wear-anywhere sandal that pairs nicely with a dress or jeans.
Dr Comfort Breeze 
Explore the Features
Full-Grain Leather | Durable leather that helps prevent skin irritation and helps keep the foot comfortable during long hours of wear
Customizable Fit | Adjustable contact closure allows for easy adjustability and personalized comfort.
Open-Air Design | Breathable, open design to keep feet cool and dry
Protective Toe Box | Protective toe box provides extra protection from toe stubbing
Top-Quality Shoe | Use of top-quality material and construction helps prevent wear and tear
Firm Heel Counter | Provides extra medial and lateral support and stability for day-to-day activities

Dr Comfort Breeze Womens Shoes | Dr Comfort

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